Inclusion Heroes Calendar

Brookes Publishing is an independent publishing company in Maryland, Baltimore, USA. Brookes recently asked parents, teachers and community professionals to nominate their “inclusion heroes” to be featured in their annual calendar. Brookes Publishing selected twelve winners from hundreds of nominees from all over North America who are now featured in their 2017/18 Inclusion Heroes Calendar.

The inclusive leaders featured for June 2018 are Heather Jones and Kristin Frank, from Stratford Northwestern Secondary School in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Jones and Frank are supporters of Choosin’ Inclusion, a student-based leadership program at their high school. Jones, an Inclusion Support Teacher says she is inspired to see students from all backgrounds and abilities working together, and says she is excited to be a part of it, “This movement is creating a new generation of young adults who value each other for their abilities, not their disabilities, which is amazing.” Jones says students feel more included when they are involved in the decisions which affect their day and making sure their voice is heard. Showing respect for others through role modelling and valuing each other’s competence is also placed in high regard. This inclusive educator also believes getting to know each and every student can also bridge any apprehensions and make it easier to overcome obstacles. “Once you know your students, your heart will help your mind make it happen,” said Jones. “Don’t expect things to be perfect the first time, or even the fifth time! It is about reflecting and growing within yourself and also as a school community.”

The fun-designed calendar is full of retro-comic-book sequences, apt for super heroes.  It is crammed with tips, wisdom and insights to keep you motivated all year long and can be downloaded with a click to a link on the site.

To find out more about the Brookes Inclusion Calendar click here.