Accessible Performances

The live theatre experience has become a little more accessible for people with disabilities in the Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. The Globe Theatre recently reacted to a request from one of the city’s residents to adopt audio-described performances for people with visual impairments.

Michelle Bush, an avid theatre fan who is partially-sighted, contacted the venue after she heard some Vancouver theatres were putting on these special performances. The Globe Theatre was quick to set up a meeting, and started the ball rolling. Amber-Joy Boyd, another partially-sighted theatre fan was at the show and enjoyed the way the narrator described how Ariel left the stage as, “She swam out of the theatre.” “It wasn’t just, ‘She was picked up by four other actors and carried off stage,’ because that would have been boring and not nearly as magical as theatre is supposed to be,” said Boyd.

The move towards accessible performances is not exactly new to the Globe, as the venue did begin enhanced performances with American Sign Language for the hearing impaired two years ago. Both Bush and Boyd welcomed the opportunity to experience the live show and hope to see more accommodated performances with audio descriptions.

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