Accessibility Sports Hub

Accessibility Sport Hub (ASH) is a new online app launched by Vancouver-based viaSport in partnership with Microsoft Canada. The ASH app or chatbot helps athletes, teachers, coaches, parents and other interested stakeholders find and share sports resources designed for people with disabilities. The application’s development was partially funded with help from the government of British Columbia, Canada. viaSport’s CEO, Sheila Bouman, says the new platform is still in its formative stage and “We are inviting people to review and provide feedback on ASH to make it even better,” says Bouman.

The hope from both viaSport and Microsoft Canada is that ASH will help create a more inclusive approach to sport in the province which will be a valuable resource. In the same way, Microsoft Canada, hopes the program will help break down barriers and give athletes easier access to facilities and resources. Tommy Lewis, technical manager at Microsoft Canada, believes the tool promotes social inclusion and increases self-confidence in communities, “Through our collaboration with viaSport, and harnessing the Microsoft Bot Framework, we were able to create an inclusive program that helps breakthrough barriers.”

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