Accessible Travel

Travelling has the potential to expand your horizons and create exciting new adventures. For travelers who require an accessible destination and experience, careful planning is often the most crucial part of the trip. One intrepid adventurer and motivational speaker, Aron Anderson, knows a thing or two about accessible travel. Anderson is a wheelchair user and has not let his lack of mobility stop him from taking on some incredible adventures.  From skiing across Antarctica to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Anderson has experienced thrills and sights the majority of us can only dream about.

In an interview with TravelPulse journalist, Janeen Christoff, Anderson talks about how he handles the challenges of travelling to the most remote places around the world. Anderson says he takes one step at a time (so to speak). Although he draws the line on conquering Mount Everest, the adventurer says he focused on reaching the boulder 100 feet ahead of him when he completed the Kilimanjaro ascent. He says he finds air travel more accessible to travelling by bus or train, but tries to ask the cabin crew to stow his day wheelchair in the cabin when possible. He says to factor-in increased transfer times for connecting flights as sometimes it takes longer for the wheelchair to be unloaded. He would also like airlines to educate their customer service staff that a wheelchair is like a “pair of legs” to a passenger with a disability, and that without it they are stranded.

From past experience, Anderson now calls ahead to ensure elevators in hotels stop at the floor his room is located, as he once had an unfortunate experience in Paris when the elevator only stopped on “half-floors.” Fortunately, the hotel arranged for him to be re-booked in a suitable nearby hotel.

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