Talking about disabilities; employers are asking…

Calgary’s Champions Career Centre (CCC) is an employment office with a difference.  Its mandate is to connect employers with people with disabilities.  This organization has posted a useful list of FAQs as a tool to help employers foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace. The CCC identified common questions employers feel uncomfortable asking, such as;

· How do you talk to somebody about their disability? I know there are questions we cannot ask employees or potential candidates

CCC suggests recruitment personnel focus on the specific duties of the job and if the candidate requires any specific accommodations, to ask about the accommodations they use at home, or have used in their previous employment positions.

· My team would never agree to working with persons with disabilities.

CCC says there is a good probability they are already working with persons with disabilities. The organization recommends education and awareness sessions, as chances are the concerns are based on fear of the unknown.

· What’s the value of diversity and inclusion to our bottom line?

CCC outlines the many advantages of having an inclusive and diverse workforce which include an enhanced public image and more diverse perspectives. Indeed, the organization points out the commitment to hiring persons with disabilities identifies your organization as a corporate leader in the workplace as well as a leader in the community.

Other questions focus on the cost and extent of accommodations. CCC offers practical solutions and advice to empower employers to feel comfortable to foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

For more information about talking about disabilities, click here.