Inclusive and Accessible Workplaces

The Government of Western Australia, Department of Communities has published a checklist on their website for employers and employees to consider in their workplace environment.

An inclusive workplace, as articulated by this government entity, is one where fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy are encouraged, and are part of the corporate culture. The checklist highlights eight major strategies including:

· there should be a welcoming culture where everyone is valued and treated with respect and dignity;

· policies covering equality and human rights, working conditions, dignity at work, employee welfare and fair recruitment and procurement should be in place;

· staff should be aware of the corporate culture of inclusivity and there should be continuous dialogue for them to be involved in consultation and policy development;

· the workforce should represent the local community and/or customers. If this is not the case, underrepresented groups should be encouraged to apply;

· workers should be encouraged to develop and grow within the organization. If there is any obstacle preventing a specific group from progressing, it should be identified and action taken to address it;

· the employer should keep a close eye on any potential tensions within the organization, and take the necessary action to dissipate any unrest; and

· senior staff fully support inclusive policies and strategies.

The list is available to download from the website in both PDF and Word versions. For more information to find out if your workplace is inclusive and accessible, click here.