Website Accessibility

Let’s face it, the Internet is here to stay. It is has become an important part of our lives and culture for everything from looking up a phone number and checking your bank balance, to sending reports and correspondence across the globe, as well as fun things like movie screening, photo-sharing and music streaming. But, for people living with disabilities, this whole new digital world may be off limits as they simply cannot access it.

Many web designers are in tune with the needs of people with disabilities and have worked hard to remove the barriers that make it difficult for a person with a disability to use their site. The challenge is to make a site and software that meets the different users’ needs or preferences.

DYNO founder and freelance website developer, Garenne Bigby published a list of 25 Accessibility Testing Tools for Websites which would interest website builders interested in designing accessible sites.

For more information about why accessibility is needed, click here.