Council on Inclusive Work Environments

The Council on Inclusive Work Environments (CIWE) of the Conference Board of Canada is a network of Canadian organizations, public and private, “that are currently involved in the development, implementation and monitoring of inclusiveness, diversity, talent management and employment equity initiatives.”

The purpose of the council is to provide a forum for organizations to broaden “their scope beyond employment equity but may vary in their progress toward achieving this goal.”

The CIWE meets three times per year and offers members an excellent networking opportunity during which they discuss best practices in diversity, exchange ideas and learn from leading experts. There is a topic for each meeting; past topics have included: Creating a Work Environment Where People of All Abilities Thrive, Engaging the Diverse Workforce of the Future; and Embedding Inclusion into Your Organization’s Culture.

In addition to the three exclusive, closed-door meetings, member organizations have access to webinars on current workplace trends and issues, three benchmarking briefings per year, a 50% discount on Conference Board of Canada conferences and events and access to a members-only CIWE website.

Membership is made up of senior leaders in Canadian organizations “who have responsibilities in the areas of diversity, inclusiveness, employment equity and talent management-related issues.”

To learn more about the CIWE, visit the website here.