Kids Included Together

Kids Included Together (KIT) is a non-profit organization in Washington, DC, and in San Diego, CA, in the United States. It provides training “for community-based organizations that are committed to including children with and without disabilities into their recreation, child development and youth development programs.” This includes communities, businesses, and child care and recreation programs.

KIT’s philosophy is that “Disability is a natural part of the human experience” and that “viewing disability as a form of diversity rather than a deficiency enables positive outcomes.”

KIT provides this training through a variety of methods. The organization has established a facility called the National Training Center on Inclusion, in which they conduct training and provide training tools “to create positive change in the program environment through increased knowledge of accommodations and supports, building of relationships with program stakeholders and an understanding of how policies and procedures affect inclusion.”

It also provides eLearning, on-site and live training sessions as well as individual sessions for professional development. Training sessions are offered in the form of community training and webinars, and those interested are invited to participate by live streaming free of charge. Participants can access downloadable handouts and earn continuing education units.

To learn more about what Kids Included Together has to offer, visit the website here.