Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is an approach to learning that involves customizing or individualizing curriculum and the learning environment to suit the individual needs of learners. Larry Ferlazzo, an educator, invited several experts to define the term, and here are some of their responses.

One educator, who is also the executive director for Inquiry Schools, writes, “Crafting thoughtful learning experiences by focusing on each student as a person is the most powerful way to modernize and personalize the student experience.”

Another educator, who has published two books on the subject, writes, “Personalized learning is a progressively student-driven experience where students have a role in co-creating investigations and ideas.” She goes on to say that students and their families want a curriculum that is responsive to them – “one that opens up space in the schedule, the topic, the audience, and the development of meaningful work.”

Another contributor and author writes, “Personalizing learning is finding a way to create learning spaces where all students have a say in what they are doing, and all teachers have a say in how they are teaching.”

The co-authors of the book Make Learning Personal write, “Personalized learning means … transforming the system so the focus is on the learner first.”

One further response, from an educator and author, was “For me, true personalized learning is that in which students decide their own path to understanding and mastery. It’s not a computer program deciding they need a harder or easier problem based on performance.”

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