Inclusive Education Toolkit

Your Toolkit for Inclusive Education is a resource available through Brookes Publishing. It contains articles, tips, checklists and activities, as well as a range of links to further resources such as organizations, videos, websites and blogs. All links pages are annotated with brief descriptions.

The toolkit begins with a page of facts about inclusive classes, to help demystify some commonly held misconceptions. For example, it talks about the benefits of inclusive classes on students’ adjustment to community living and to employment.

It also provides two pages of links to articles about inclusion in the school environment. Examples include Quality Indicators for Effective Inclusive Education Guidebook and Dispelling the Myths of Inclusive Education. There are also links to Brookes Publishing’s own publications, such as What Steps Can Principals Take to Create and Maintain Truly Inclusive Schools?

There is a page of links that include practical checklists and activities, such as a School Accommodations and Modifications Information Sheet and Collaboration and Co-Teaching—3-Part Self-Guided Tutorial. This information will be of interest to educators, parents and other professionals.

In addition, the toolkit includes a list of organizations that support inclusion in schools, many of which provide a range of other offerings to parents or educators in the field. Organizations include the National Inclusion Project and Inclusive Schools Network.

Videos include a range of resources such as one on SWIFT schools, ideas for inclusive activities from Paula Kluth, the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community’s Peer Mentoring Program.

There is also a page of links to websites and blogs, which includes such sites as Think Inclusive, Open Books Open Doors, and The Inclusive Class.

To access Your Toolkit for Inclusive Education, visit the Brookes Publishing page here.