Toymakers Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

Toy manufacturers respond to what is happening around them, and changes in cultural perspectives play a role in the products which will be on children’s wish lists for the next holiday season. One of the biggest trends at the recent toy fair held in New York City was a move towards toys which reflect more diversity and inclusion in their appearance or packaging. 

The New York Doll Collection showcased their take on the changing cultural scene by unveiling characters which embody diversity in both ethnicity and abilities.  Some of their dolls represent different races with varying skin-tone and dress, while others are presented with range of abilities.

American Girl, another Mattel brand has introduced the first boy character in its doll collection in its 31-year history. “Logan” is aimed to be a doll targeted at boys who like to engage in doll play. American Girl also offers realistic products such as hearing aids, wheelchairs and diabetes care kits to personalize the doll to the child. Spokesperson for American Girl, Julie Parks said the company is on a mission to give girls more, “We’ve been hearing for years they want more characters, more diversity, [and] more inclusion.”

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