Indiegogo: Here’s Why Diversity & Inclusion Matter to Us

San Francisco-based crowdfunding portal, Indiegogo, allows people to solicit funds for an idea, start-up business, charity, or even a movie. In March, the company announced more than 700,000 entrepreneurs from 223 countries and territories have used its services since it was launched in 2008. The company maintains that diversity and inclusion are not only vital elements in its customer base, but also in its workforce.

The company publishes annual diversity reports to improve transparency and encourage other companies to embrace diversity and inclusion too.

A spokesperson from Indiegogo described the intent of the company is to take the lead in becoming an even more diverse and inclusive workplace in the future. The company’s aim is to project a workforce which reflects the community around them, which is no mean feat in a city as diverse as San Francisco. A spokesperson for the company said in a recent article for Crowdfund Insider, “While we’re pleased to see progress in our diversity statistic and grateful for a mission and long-standing values-based culture that has made these results possible, we remain committed to making more progress and sharing this progress next year. Stay tuned!”

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