Features in macOS and iOS That Everyone Should Try

While the Mac, iPhone and iPad have become the ubiquitous accessory for billions of people worldwide, many users are not aware of some valuable, if somewhat quirky features hidden within the devices’ Accessibility menus. Take a moment to explore the Accessibility setting which is in the Settings app.

IPhone and iPad

For the iPhone and iPad, tap General then tap Accessibility. You may find something you may never have realized you could do without.  Here are a few interesting features.

- Zoom: Magnifies the iPhone screen by double-tapping three fingers.

- Magnifier: For those frustrated by not being able to read very small type, Magnifier may help.  A zoom slider and shutter button can be held over the screen and enlarge the section you wish to study.

- Colour Filters: People who suffer from colour blindness can benefit from this feature found within the Display Accommodations menu. Colour intensities can be reversed, modified or set to greyscale depending on the user’s preference.

- Text Visibility:  A feature which allows the user to adjust the size of the text on your iOS device so it is more readable.  A restart is needed if the setting is changed to all Bold Text.

- Vibration: Annoying buzzes and vibrations from phone calls and notifications can be turned off from here.

- Home Button: Old style iOS menus let users unlock their device by resting their finger on the Touch ID sensor without also having to press the home button.  By turning on the Rest Finger to Open button this option can be restored. 

Mac Accessibility

The Mac also has a few great finds located in the Mac’s System Preferences app in the Accessibility panel.

- Mouse and Trackpad: For those who prefer to use a mouse, but get frustrated when the trackpad is engaged while typing, the Ignore Trackpad Input on Laptop When Using External Pointing Device is a godsend.

- Screen Flash: For a visual alert on the screen instead of annoying dings and beeps, click Flash the Screen When an Alert Sound Occurs.

These are just a handful of Accessibility settings in both iOS and Mac. It is worth spending time to explore the options. There may be feature out there you can’t do without.

For more information about Accessibility applications on the iOS and macOS, click here.