Accessibility Checklist

In a time when employers are facing significant challenges in securing workers to fill positions essential to their continued business, it is remarkable there is still an untapped resource eager to be utilized. People with disabilities are significantly underrepresented in the national and provincial labour markets even though significant resources have been allocated to assist this sector of the population find work. 

In Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada, one of the province’s key objectives is working towards a labour market which represents full inclusion.  The province has designed a website which promotes their inclusion philosophy and outlines the resources available. InclusionNL has a mandate which is directed at employers, service providers and government departments. Its mission is to provide information, support and education to encourage the employment of persons with disabilities and make business a better place by:

· providing employers information and tools to support the employment of persons with disabilities;

· providing service deliverers the necessary information and tools to ensure best practices in the provision of inclusive services to persons with disabilities;

· providing resources to educate business communities on dispelling myths and educating existing employees on inclusive work environments and inclusive workplace planning;

· promoting inclusion awareness in labour markets and service delivery agencies; and

· encouraging best practices by highlighting effective ways of promoting quality service delivery and inclusive workplaces.

The InclusionNL website has some useful resources and checklists which businesses and employers should consider with a view to improving their workplace environments for everyone.  These resources include the Top 10 Tips to Make your Website Accessible and A Guide to Screening and Selection in Employment, as well as Accessibility Information for those seeking employment. The accessibility checklists guide employers, hoteliers, restaurant owners and retailers through advertising and communication procedures, emergency preparedness, and building requirements, both interior and exterior, and recruitment practices.

For more information about inclusion services in Newfoundland and Labrador, click here.