Inclusion Resources Teaching Tools

Ophea is a not-for-profit organization with a goal of educating children and youth of the lifelong benefits of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. The organization has been supporting schools and communities with programs and services for almost 100 years. Working in partnerships with local school boards, government agencies, public health and the private sector, Ophea has developed programs which support healthy schools and communities.

Now educators and leaders in Ontario’s schools can take advantage of two free downloadable resources to support them in promoting and enabling physical activity to children of all abilities.

Steps to Inclusion is designed to encourage physical activity programs for children and youth living with a physical and/or developmental disability. It supports the belief that everyone can benefit from physical activity based on the principals of inclusivity, respect and participation. It is available as a free downloadable PDF and can be used by teachers who wish to create an inclusive lesson plan.

Adapted Lesson Plans support community leaders develop and deliver inclusive physical activity programming for children and youth with disabilities. The plans help teachers, educational assistants, parents and recreational staff lead physical activity programs which enable all participants to benefit no matter what their capability may be. The Adaptive Lesson Plans include over 95 physical activity lessons for Grade 1 – 8 in a downloadable free PDF. Both resources are available in French and English.

For more information on Steps to Inclusion or the Adapted Lesson Plans, click here.