Center for Inclusive Child Care

The Center for Inclusive Child Care (CICC) is a centralized, comprehensive resource network supporting inclusive care for children in community settings based in St. Paul, MN. CICC provides leadership, technical assistance, training and consultation for parents, educators and other professionals.

The CICC website provides a comprehensive list of resources related to a range of topics including: 

·         children’s mental health;

·         early intervention;

·         resources for education assistants and youth professionals;

·         resources for parents and caregivers; and

·         training and workshop seminars.

Each category has a plethora of related websites which provide useful links to information. The website is also a source for self-study and eLearning. The free short information modules are designed to provide an overview on various topics around disabilities and inclusion. The self-study courses are available online and allow people to take them at their own pace.

For more information about the Center for Inclusive Child Care, click here.