Lesson Plan: It’s About Access

The U.S. public broadcasting service (PBS) has produced a series of online lessons aimed at high school students based on acclaimed Point-of-View (POV) documentary films.

When I Walk is a film by and featuring Jason DaSilva who has multiple sclerosis (MS). In this lesson, students explore the accessibility issues people with disabilities face and the physical barriers they encounter every day. The lesson aims to encourage students to find ways to remove some of these obstacles. The objectives of this lesson are for students to:

·         recognize what barriers people with disabilities face every day;

·         be proactive in analyzing accessibility issues in their local community; and

·         take action to address any existing accessibility issues.

Students are required to view the 90-minute documentary film and then discuss accessibility issues which exist in their own community. The goal is to make them aware of challenges an average person may not typically consider.

 For more information about the POV Lesson Plan: It’s About Access, click here.