Tips to Promote Inclusive Physical Education

Although physical education (PE) may not be every students favourite period, there are proven benefits that fitness and team sports can improve overall health and mental wellness. The Guardian newspaper in the U.K. recently ran a live chat aimed at teachers to explore how to optimize PE class so students feel involved and motivated.

Some of the results and ideas for teachers to consider, which sprouted from the discussion are as follows:

· Choice: Give the students a choice in the sports they can participate in.  Look beyond the traditional sports like soccer and basketball, and find non-traditional competitive activities which may appeal to all students.

· Encourage a positive school culture: Make sure all students are encouraged to participate in the class activities. Adapt activities for students with disabilities.

· Involve students: Ask students for their input into the curriculum each year.  Make it a subject for the student council to discuss.  If one sport is not working, the student council may suggest a different activity to be implemented the following year.

· Be proactive: Mix things up a bit. Make one day a month a special fitness focused day. Organize a running club before school and hold aerobics classes throughout the day. The focus can be themed, or on a charity for fundraising.

· Involve parents: Celebrate the fun of being active by inviting parents to participate in fun runs.  Have a mother and daughter or father and son walk or team sport challenge.

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