Everyone In the Game

Physical activity is a must for the development of all children. It not only benefits the body physically, but it also increases concentration and leads to academic success.  Accommodating every students’ needs can be a daunting task, but help is at hand from Ophea – the website dedicated to healthy schools and communities.

Inclusion means all students can participate together in a physical activity program which is geared around everyone’s capabilities. This means activities can be modified depending on the need, but participating together means all children feel appreciated and everyone can succeed in their own way.

Accommodations may mean repeating instructions, varying equipment or modelling movements. For an example, when teaching how to do a layup in basketball, an instructor would not only talk about the steps but model them.  They may create a visual chart or get the students to repeat the instructions.  The net could even be lowered, or a lighter ball used.

When everyone participates in the physical activity, great things can happen. Inclusive fitness programs will provide an opportunity for students to socialize, but also teaches patience, tolerance and mutual respect. The goal at the end of the day is active participation for all geared towards helping every child achieve their personal best.

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