CIBC Initiative to Create Inclusive Workplaces

Earlier this year the CIBC, one of Canada’s largest banks, announced a partnership with Magnet, an online network that connects job seekers to employers. The initiative comes amid a growing movement to tackle employment barriers for people with disabilities and focus on diversity hiring.

A recent CIBC commissioned survey revealed almost two in every five working-aged Canadians who live with a disability are not working.  The new partnership aims to increase the opportunities for this sector of the population. The survey also reported lack of opportunity, past non-inclusive employment experience and fear of discriminations were some of the factors cited by unemployed individuals with disabilities. One-in-four respondents felt their most recent role did not leverage their qualifications well.  Some reasons cited include:

·         settling for the position due to lack of other offers;

·         employers’ perception of the disability meant opportunities were not offered; and

·         appropriate accommodations were not in place in the workplace.

CIBC has committed to hiring 500 new employees with disabilities this year and expects to grow that number each year. The bank will also fund Magnet to refine its search engine technology, and expand the platform to offer more opportunities to match the strong talent with employers.

“When forming this partnership, we were impressed with the authenticity and leadership of CIBC in being an inclusive employer and supporting community initiatives aimed at addressing the issue of employment barriers,” said Magnet’s Executive Director, Mark Patterson. This partnership is not the first time the Canadian-based global bank has been the forerunner in advocating for people with disabilities. In 2015, CIBC collaborated with Specialisterne – an organization that connects people on the autism spectrum with employers. The following year another partnership was forged with Lime Connect which helped recent graduates with disabilities find meaningful employment.

For more information about CIBC’s inclusive workplaces initiative, click here.