Global Business and Disability Network

The ILO Global Business and Disability Network is a network of like-minded multinational enterprises, employer associations, business networks and organizations who believe people with disabilities can bring value and strength to virtually any business.  The organization has four main functions and focus areas:

·         To share knowledge and find good practices among the network.

·         To develop joint products and services for the member companies and employers to aid with hiring and retention.

·         To strengthen the work of employers’ organizations and corporate networks that have access to small and medium size companies at a national level, and increase their knowledge on disability issues.

·         To connect companies to ILO initiatives and partners at a national level and work through local offices and supply chains.

These guiding focus areas emerged after multinational corporations expressed a desire to learn how to address the inclusion of disabled persons in the workplace.                                                                 

According to the ILO Global Business and Disability Network Charter, companies who are inclusive in their recruitment mandate provide a better workplace for all their employees. The charter continues to say such companies maximize the full potential of their workforce and both the company and the employee are better positioned to respond to changing market needs.                                                      

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