Accessibility as a Core Value

Apple CEO Tim Cook says accessibility is a human right, and everyone should have equal opportunity and access.  That’s why he invited three YouTubers to the Apple campus recently to discuss Apple’s role on the subject in honour of Global Accessibility Awareness Day. The young filmmakers each have their own accessibility issue.

Twenty-five-year-old YouTuber, Rikki Poynter, is deaf. After starting her YouTube career focusing on beauty products, Poynter has switched direction and is now an advocate for closed captioning, signing and deaf culture. Her chat with Cook reveals why she uses the Apple products such as Apple Clips for adding closed captioning onto videos.

CEO Cook says Apple was created to give everyone the power to be able to do things they wouldn’t previously be able to do. He says the products designed to help those with accessibility issues, such as Homekit, can also enrich the lives of all users.

James Rath is a visually impaired YouTuber.  Rath talks to Cook about the innovation and security features Apple has in place, as well as the voice over and switch control features on the Homekit app.

PintSzDiva is the Twitter handle for Tatiana, from Accessible Hollywood. Tatiana is an aspiring actress from Los Angeles who was born with spina bifida and uses a wheelchair.  She discusses the value the Apple watch has brought to her life, especially with its tracking feature which helps her workout regime at the gym. Apple CEO Cook reveals how much research went into creating the app which can even differentiate the ways wheelchair users roll their wheels.  This is vital to get accurate readings.

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