University Campus Accessibility

Farah Mendlesohn, an associate dean of law, policing and forensics at the U.K.’s Staffordshire University, recently wrote an article for The Times Higher Education website about her experiences working on campus with a disability.

Mendlesohn is a person who has mobility issues which can impede her ability to climb stairs. She has used a wheelchair in the past, and will most likely do so again in the future depending on her condition. She also has a hearing impediment. However, Mendlesohn came to the realization that designers of the university campus did not consider the faculty members when they laid out their plans.

Brand new classrooms with sound baffles designed to channel the speaker’s voice to the students only made Mendlesohn’s ears feel like they were stuffed with cotton wool. Modern classrooms with clusters of desks and high-level tables in the high-tech rooms resulted in numerous accessibility challenges.

As a faculty member, Mendlesohn thinks it is time to consider all members of the university when designing campus infrastructure. It is time to practice the best practice to make the campus accessible for all.

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