Marketing: Accessibility Matters

Since its inception in 1967, the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) is a not-for-profit organization that represents leading business sectors and marketing disciplines. Through leadership development, education, and advocacy, the CMA helps businesses to grow and increase their marketing knowledge.

In a recent article on their website, the CMA outlines how accessibility offers a new market opportunity for businesses by opening up to $1.6 billion in new spending for tourism and $9.6 billion from the retail sector.

The CMA is actively committed to promoting accessibility to its members and the marketing community at large by communicating the value of accessibility and helping businesses realize the economic advantages that accessibility can offer. The CMA website offers a series of videos highlighting accessibility issues in marketing. Other resources include a downloadable brochure and guide and webinar recordings. Another resource offered is a free handbook from AccessAbility, A Practical Handbook of Accessible Web Design, which is aimed at educating graphic design and web design professionals so they are equipped to effectively deliver web design solutions that meet web accessibility requirements.

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