Accessible Tourism Has Huge Potential for More Growth

Accessible travel is becoming the travel industry’s biggest untapped opportunity with demand destined to grow due to the aging population. People with disabilities represent one in five of the population, and the majority of these individuals take an annual holiday. Research from accessibility organizations such as the Open Doors Organization estimate more than $17 billion is spent in the U.S. alone by adults with disabilities every year. 

As the percentage of people with disabilities grows, our perception of accessible travel must also change. Blogger Bill Forrester writes in his Travelability blog that the rapidly growing market is demanding more than just ramps and accessible bathrooms, “It’s about building products and services for a larger market. This is no longer a niche, but rather, a segment that is approaching 25 per cent of total tourism spend.” has produced a free report on accessible travel as well as a guide for tourism destinations seeking to improve their services to travelers with disabilities, both of which are downloadable from their website.

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