Inclusive Workplaces: It’s Not Hard to be Accommodating

Human resource departments are changing their policies to create a diverse workforce. But, according to Barbara Bowes, in her article ‘It’s Not Hard to be Accommodating,’ published in the Winnipeg Free Press, there is still work to be done despite these great strides in embracing diversity in the workplace.

Bowes comments there is little point in having a diverse workforce if your customer base does not have full access to your product, or is not accommodated with dignity and respect.  Bowes illustrates the point with the scenario of a person in a wheelchair shopping for clothes. Without a wheelchair accessible changing room, the customer has no choice but to try the items on at home. This lack of access has now become a barrier and has a consequence if the store implements its “no-return” policy. The solution of building an accessible changing room is not costly, but this is what customer accessibility is all about. Businesses should consider building a ramp rather than steps to gain access to their building and changing corporate attitudes to bring universal awareness to the needs of all customers.

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