Strategy of Inclusion Will Drive Diversity

Without inclusivity, any attempt to create a diverse community is likely to fail. There must be a culture of acceptance and tolerance in order to be successful in embracing and strengthening eclectic views.

One of Canada’s leading insurance companies, Aviva, has committed to change people’s attitudes by giving its top marketing executive, Jan Gooding, a mandate to work out how to move beyond tolerance to inclusion. In an interview for The, Gooding says she must prove the business case for why the “strategy is the inclusion of everyone but the outcome is diversity.” There is a difference which is often confused.  It is not only enough to recruit from minority groups, there must also be a welcoming culture and acknowledgement of those diverse employees.

Gooding has even changed her title from “Diversity Director” to “Chief Inclusion Officer” as she said, at a recent Diversity in Marketing and Advertising Summit in London. “There’s no point putting an exotic fish into a tank if the other fish don’t allow it to be included in the school,” says Gooding. “What they do is literally eat it. That’s why the inclusion and belonging side [of the discussion] are so important.”

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