Apple Videos Showcasing Accessible Tech Changing Lives

Apple recently released a series of seven videos highlighting the tech company’s focus on accessible technology and emphasizes the importance of accessibility tech, design and features stories. Three of these individual stories are featured in an article written for by Katie Dupere.

First, there is the story of 15-year-old Meera Phillips. Meera was born on the streets of New Delhi, India. She is nonverbal and was homeless until she was adopted at the age of five. Meera now lives in Atlanta with her adoptive family and is thriving in her education and communication with the use of assistive technology. Meera can converse with someone by tapping out her thoughts and questions on her iPad and then playing them back through a robotic voice. Accessibility features which meet the users’ needs come standard with each Apple product making it unique in the industry and a favourite for people with disabilities. “It makes me feel happy and smart,” says Meera.

Music teacher Shane Rakowski uses her iPhone to control her hearing aids. The application has the option of standard and music mode, so Shane can toggle between modes depending on whether she is speaking to her class or listening to their music. 

Shane started using hearing aids over a year ago and switched to an iPhone from another provider because of Apple’s accessible technology. The teacher says she has noticed a difference since wearing the hearing aids, “The students say I am not as loud as I used to be. I can hear a student’s question without asking the whole class to quiet down,” says Shane.

Carlos Vasquez is a metal drummer and a professional gamer who is blind and relies solely on sound to navigate his Apple device. Carlos uses his voice and taps his finger on his iPhone to select options to perform everyday tasks and his device actually verbalizes what would normally be seen.

For more information about Apple’s latest series of short videos on how accessible tech can transform lives, click here.