Inclusion Games

The Tag Institute for Social Development (TISD), a research centre for innovation, research and action to address contemporary social challenges, has a list of playful ideas which can reinforce the message in a positive way. 

The games are divided into four categories and offer video links for easy interpretation. TISD recognizes the importance of not only teaching our children the value of understanding group dynamics, but also how these lessons should be reiterated as we grow as adults in our social and work environments. Here is a sample of some of the ideas from TISD to teach people about inclusion, tolerance and cooperation.

Leaders and followers

Children form teams of no more than ten players. Each player is blindfolded and arranges themselves in height order without talking to the rest of the team. The successful player will finish this task as one member will usually appoint themselves as the leader and arrange everyone else on the team. This will provide an opportunity for the group to discuss healthy and unhealthy leadership.

The benefits of working in a group

This game highlights the power of working in a group. Stacking cups are required. Four or more team members have to stack as many cups as possible in 45 seconds. They are then asked to perform the same task working as a team. The result is many more cups are stacked when the group works collaboratively. This group activity illustrates the disadvantage of group work when one or more individuals don’t pull their weight and how stronger members are more productive working alone.

Working in a team to accomplish your goal

Satisfaction and camaraderie are a couple of the benefits of working productively as a team. But, teamwork needs practice from everyone. The Tag website has eight fun teambuilding activities everyone will enjoy.

Understanding diversity and using it to achieve group goals

It is sometimes difficult to accept people who look or behave differently. But creating awareness and understanding can have a positive impact on group dynamics and ultimately lead to a more productive team. The Tag website offers three games using fruit, musical instruments and a minefield game involving blindfolds.

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