Movie Accessibility Technology

Actiview is a startup aiming to give accessibility to movie-goers by simply opening up an app on their smartphone. Actiview’s vision is the phone could show captions, carry audio, switch to multiple languages and describe scenes. All this could be made possible if the theatres invest in a box which would hook up to their systems and generate a wireless network. The network would then identify an app on a viewer’s phone. All the viewer would need to do is press on the app and connect to their selected movie. The costs of installation, just a couple of hundred dollars, would be absorbed by the theatre. Theatres could then recoup the investment by charging customers a pay-per-view tariff.

Actiview is keen to expand its reach beyond just the movies as, “Movies are just the first place we’re going” said Alex Koren, Actiview’s co-founder. “We imagine a world where basketball and baseball games, and live theatre are all accessible like this.” One thing which may help Koren’s venture is the fact that new regulations take effect in 2018 with more stringent requirements for theatres; meaning closed captioning and audio descriptions as well as a listening apparatus will become mandatory. Actiview already has all these requirements in place, with easy options for updates as new regulations come in.

A downloadable version of Actiview will be available soon. Perhaps regular theatregoers should get the word out to their local movie-house? It may just improve their bottom line.

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