Canadian Business SenseAbility

Canadian Business SenseAbility (CBS) was established in 2014 to help employers access the value of including people with disabilities into their workforce. The organization is run by a Board of Directors from the private sector and describes itself as ‘run by business for business,’ whose vision is success accelerated through the talents of people with disabilities.

Their mission is to get Canadian businesses to recognize the vast wealth of untapped talent in people with disabilities, and to identify opportunities, educate and provide tools for business success. CBS wants to eliminate stereotypes many businesses and individuals have about people with disabilities and replace these notions with enlightened ideas and expectations that people with disabilities can give to corporations, small businesses and society as a whole.

CBS stresses everyone from educators, families, governments, trade unions, services, disabilities stakeholder groups and people with disabilities themselves, has a role to play in reducing bias and preconceived ideas on exclusion and discrimination. Businesses are encouraged to become members of the network to benefit from the tangible results of employing people with disabilities by accessing information, advice, and business networking opportunities to make the transition to a fully inclusive workplace as streamlined as possible.

The organization was founded by five Canadian corporate icons; Deloitte, Tim Hortons, Bell, RBC, Assumption Life and Sodexo with start-up funding provided by the Government of Canada and Loblaws.

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