Inclusive Classroom Checklist

Ever wanted to know what the best ideas are to make an inclusive classroom? provides curriculum supports and offers free resources to promote a more inclusive education system. Their website offers a useful list for educators who are interested in building an inclusive classroom community.

A few of their strategies can be found here which have been adapted from A Guide to Effective Literacy Instruction, Grades 4 to 6 as follows:

· Environment: Provide visual displays around the classroom which reflect the classroom community and the world outside. Also, establish classroom routines which are sensitive to the needs and cultures of the students.

· Community: Invite community involvement in displays of books and materials appropriate for the age of the students.

· Resources: Use resources that present both local and global images and viewpoints. It is also useful to provide dual-language literature in students’ first languages.

· Reading: Arrange text sets to include general themes. For example, hope, struggle, survival, courage, family which are presented from different perspectives and experiences.

· Writing: Let students present orally before writing.

· Language: Respect the languages of each and every student. Furthermore, provide opportunities for students to use their first language to express their thoughts both orally and in writing.

· Media/Popular Culture: Use media texts from different cultures to develop students’ awareness of different backgrounds and their outlook on common topics.

·Teaching Practices: Encourage students to choose topics of high interest for independent reading, writing and research. Additionally, group students in ways which are sensitive to students’ different comfort levels and group interaction.

· Assessment: Use a variety of assessment styles so students with differing learning styles can succeed. In addition, provide accommodations for students with different learning styles by allowing extra time or explanations.

For more information about creating an inclusive classroom, click here.