Student Designs New Logo for Belleville Inclusion Committee

Sometimes it is the youngest among us that utter words of wisdom. So it is in the Ontario community of Belleville, where a competition to design a logo for the City’s inclusion committee produced a simple, yet effective slogan and design by Grade 7 student, Holly Morton this past spring. Holly’s winning entry, picked from more than 100 entries and announced in May, was a picture of a row of multi-coloured crayons all with smiling faces. The message Holly hopes to convey with her design is inspirational, as the meaning of the piece suggests the crayons have the ability to make something beautiful.

Councillor Garnet Thompson, Chair of the Inclusion Committee remarked it was a reflection of how the inclusive communities work. “The contest allowed the city to engage the community in conversation around inclusivity and the resulting logo will be used by the committee in their work for years to come,” said Thompson. The new logo will be featured on window clings, stickers and pins with a tag line “Stronger Together.” Every business in town is encouraged to display the logo to let everyone know Belleville is inclusive.

For more information about the new logo design for Belleville’s Inclusion Committee, click here.