World’s First Accessible and Inclusive Water Park

Morgan’s Inspirational Island is a theme park that recently opened in San Antonio, Texas. This $17 million park features five play areas with pools, geysers, jets, water cannons and more and is designed to ensure that everyone can enjoy the facilities.

Located next to Morgan’s Wonderland, a fully accessible 25-acre theme park, the water park is described as “a park of inclusion” by Gordon Hartman, the philanthropist behind the attractions. The new splash park is fully wheelchair accessible with revolutionary lightweight power wheelchairs driven by compressed air which are handed out for free on a first come first served basis. This enables guests who rely on their expensive, battery-driven mobility devices to store them, safe and dry, while enjoying the fun of the park. The noise factor has also been addressed. As any parent of a child with autism can tell you, noise is often something which can send a child into sensory overload, resulting in either a tantrum or an early return home, which can be more distressing for the rest of the family. However, the park has quiet areas for those who may get overwhelmed with crowds and noise. The park even limits attendance to ensure a calmer setting than most theme parks and admission is free for those with disabilities.

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