Creating Accessible Card Games

‘Uno,the card game by Mattel, which has been around for almost half a century, just got a makeover. This means people who have colourblindess can now play on an equal footing. Players who enjoy the popular game know it is important to not only know the number on the card, but also the colour of the card. For the new accessible version Mattel partnered with ColorADD, a global organization for colourblind education and accessibility. The new look includes internationally recognized symbols which help people with colourblindness identify the cards in their hand.

This is an important step, as the aim of the ‘Uno’ game is that players take turns in matching cards which have been placed on the table by the previous player. The innovation will open up the market to a new genre of players, given that colourblindness affects approximately 350 million people worldwide. The ColorADD innovation may lead other companies like Mattel to consider revamping their own well established classic card and board games to entice this untapped group of players into enjoying their games. The new colourblind-accessible version of ‘Uno” is available on Mattel’s website.

For more information about Mattel’s new colourblind accessible version of Uno, click here.