The Internet is the Next Frontier in Making the World Accessible to All

The internet’s customer-base has multiplied exponentially since its inception in the 1990s. No one would have predicted how the once luxury item has now become a necessary tool in our homes and workplaces.

But, not all websites are built the same. Consequently, not all websites are accessible to people with disabilities. That is why Mark Lacek launched Accessible360, the internet-accessibility equivalent of a building inspector.

Accessible360 conducts audits on company websites testing various accessibility measures. The audit asks questions such as, can the whole website be navigated by the use of keyboard tabs? This is important for those users who are unable to use a mouse. Similarly, it inspects the contrast settings which should be set high enough for those people with visual impairments to make sense of the words on the screen. The Accessible360 team returns after the audit is complete to ensure their recommendations have been implemented and installs the proprietary software developed to continuously scan the site for updates and new developments to keep the site accessible.

“It’s not that developers can’t program websites in order to be accessible,” says Lacek. “They’ve just never been trained because no one has raised it as an issue.” Upgrading corporate websites makes sense, as it not only means businesses are opening their doors to a new customer base, but also ensures they will hang on to their existing clients who are continually getting older. Another way to improve a website’s accessibility is by adding closed-captioning to videos. This means screen readers can access and describe the visual content and makes it simpler for search engines to recognize and understand the content.

By 2050, the number of people over 65 will double, consequently they are likely to develop issues with mobility, vision and hearing. What better long-term plan to hold on to their loyalty than by ensuring your website is accessible to everyone?

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