Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging

Harvard Business School’s Presidential Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging (PTFIB) has almost completed its goal of building an inclusive campus.  But, before Drew Faust, President of the prestigious school, steps down at the end of this academic year, the PTFIB is asking the university community for further suggestions and recommendations.

“As we near the end of our work, we want to hear from all campus community members including students, staff, and academic personnel with their ideas for how we can cultivate a Harvard that supports the flourishing of all of us,” says Danielle Allen, one of the co-chairs of the task force.

The PTFIB also promotes inclusion by collecting ideas via its online forum, Solution Space, where campus community members can log it and share thoughts and ideas about what they envision an inclusive and belonging campus to look like.

Last semester the PTFIB examined Harvard’s demographics.  They saw the need to improve the college’s diversity, the experience of life on campus and how to improve Harvard’s culture to include all levels of academics and community members. It also recommended expansion of existing diversity programs and offices.

In an effort to understand existing initiatives, the taskforce hosted a number of workshops with students and faculty across the University, as well as an Afternoon of Engagement on Inclusion and Belonging where community members met to discuss the challenges of achieving a sense of community for all.

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