What CEOs Have Learned About Championing Diversity

What do Starbucks, Wikipedia, YouTube, Salesforce and Gap Inc. have in common? For one, their CEOs are champions of creating diversity in the workforce.

The business leaders were interviewed for the Harvard Business Review about their commitment to diversity and how they are progressing in their goal.

“Diversity is an important part of our culture of equality,” said Marc Benioff of Salesforce. “Our employees are telling us that they want to work for a company that cares about diversity, and it helps us recruit people whose values align with ours.”

Amid a variety of reasons for caring about diversity, most of the CEOs believed greater diversity leads to greater diversity of thought, a better understanding of their customers and an increased ability to attract and retain more talent.

The Harvard Review interviews highlight the reality that CEOs have the power to champion diversity by leading by example, and ensuring the companies follow through on their diversity goals.

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