Why Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities is a Responsibility for All

A Rwandan-created Twitter campaign called the “Sign your Name Challenge” has taken off, with political figures, musicians and media personalities taking part, learning how to spell out their names in sign language. The campaign was initiated by Media for Deaf Rwanda. The founder of Media for the Deaf Rwanda explained that the #SignYourNameChallenge was started with the aim of enlightening Rwandan society about the existence of Rwandan sign language.

Dominique Bizimana, who heads the National Union of Disability Organizations of Rwanda, said the campaign came at the right time because people living with disabilities face a lot of challenges on a day-to-day basis, and that these need to be addressed.

He said the campaign will not only ease communication for those with hearing impairments but will also serve as grounds for advocating for rights for other people with disabilities.

Bizimana pointed out aspects such as education, health services and justice as some of those where persons with disabilities meet a lot of challenges.

“If the (Rwandan) sign language is made official, a lot more will be achieved and we will achieve a society that is favourable for all people. We are in a country that promotes human rights and I believe all this will be achieved.”

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