The Benefits of Inclusive Non-Profits

Inclusiveness, says the Denver Foundation can help non-profit organizations be more effective, and better serve their constituents and communities. Demographic shifts are changing the makeup of the communities, and non-profits need to change with the times. “If non-profits continue to base their plans and decisions on unexamined assumptions about their communities that may no longer be accurate, chances are high that their work will become less effective and less relevant.”

Although the Denver Foundation hasn’t specifically included people with disabilities in its work, it cites a list of the benefits of creating a more inclusive organization, from which we can generalize:

  • Lower turnover and higher job satisfaction
  • Higher productivity and higher employee morale
  • Improved problem solving throughout the organization
  • Increased creativity and innovation
  • Improving the quality of personnel through better recruitment and retention
  • The potential to tap into new donor pools, improve program delivery, and reach out to new clients

The Denver Foundation’s Inclusiveness Project has set out to engage with non-profit organizations in the Denver Colorado area to become more inclusive of people of colour.