Five Ways Inclusion Helps Leaders Influence More

In a guest post on Forbes Community, the author of a book called “The Innovation Mentality” says it’s time to scrap the concept of “diversity” and start focusing fully on “inclusion,” which is really an extension of individuality.

“After endless discussions about diversity in the workplace and beyond, the word often linked to diversity has gotten lost: inclusion. In fact, it’s ironic: in all this talk about diversity, few people of any stripe feel included – they feel isolated. They feel that they don’t matter – as groups, but especially as individuals.”

“Diversity is about compliance. Inclusion is about growth, and individuality. Talking about diversity typically promotes and results in the exact opposite of inclusion -- marginalization, victimization, and those feelings of discrimination by everyone.”

“Inclusion is a system for making sure the organization is welcoming at every level to every individual. Inclusion is about diversity of thought, and finding like-mindedness in our differences. It's about embracing those differences and further exploring them to support the values that unite and serve as our competitive advantages to stimulate new growth, attract new talent, and generate new marketplace opportunities.”