Best Practice in Inclusion

The Evenbreak Best Practice Portal is a new tool designed to help employers and their employees create inclusive workplaces.  The portal covers a variety of subjects such as how to interview a candidate and bring on board new employees with a disability.  The advice comes in the form of videos, from leaders who have already pioneered a way through the minefield of barriers and red tape, so employers and their staff do not have to start from scratch and can adapt the advice to their own situation.

The portal is a handy tool for recruitment managers and professionals as well as all employees who work in an inclusive and diverse environment.

Feedback from organizations that are already using the new portal say the information is insightful with a touch of humour.  The portal can be used as a quick reference, with short articles so it is easy to quickly look up information when needed. Plus, the videos have subtitles, so employees can watch and learn while at their desk without disturbing colleagues.

For more information about Best Practice in Inclusion, click here.