Tip Sheets on Inclusive Education

Inclusion Lab by Paul H. Brookes Publishing shared these ten infographics full of ways for educators to welcome, reach, and include all learners. This handy roundup of their best tip sheets contains great tips on helping young learners see diversity as a strength. In colourful infographic format, they’re ready to pin, print, share, and tweet. Here’s a sample:

Six Ways to Adapt Tasks for All Learners

  • Have your student follow written, pictorial or audio-recorded task steps
  • Modify essay assignments – instead of writing an essay, have the student demonstrate understanding by completing a chart or developing a text-to-speech presentation
  • Give your student the same materials as the rest of the class but have him/her use it in a different way     
  • Reduce the number of items students are expected to complete
  • Allow for more creative ways for students to show what they know. Artistic students could build a model, create a poster or draw a map in place of a written assignment.

Other topics covered are:

  • Eight Ways to Differentiate Materials for All Learners
  • Seven Tips on Including Students with Autism in Phys Ed Classes
  • Twelve Ways Peers Benefit from Working with Students with Disabilities
  • Five Roles for Every Member of the Inclusive School Team

  • Maintaining Confidentiality: Seven Questions to ask

  • Twelve Characteristics of High-Quality IEPs

  • Five Ways to Help Students with Organization

  • Seven Ways to Improve Inclusion Outside the Classroom

Download or share these handy resources here.