Nothing About Us Without Us

“Nothing About Us Without Us” is an underlying principle to creating inclusive communities. The authors of this inspiring think-piece published in the Huffington Post want readers to know that people with disabilities can be included, seamlessly, in every aspect of community.

“Nothing About Us Without Us” moves us to re-define, re-imagine and transform what it means to be a person with a disability in all aspects and all avenues of our global society. It inspires a movement that extends beyond the status quo while demanding progress toward equality and justice. It “ignites a vision that represents pride and power, rather than stigma and pity. It helps us realize that the disability community is an empowering and uplifting community that unites us and works for our rights and dignity.”

“While people with disabilities need to be leaders of disability-focused organizations, they can also be front and center in mainstream local, national and international organizations.”

In short, it is a demand for true inclusion. “We need to have a valued voice in every facet of daily life.” For more information on "Nothing About Us Without Us", click here.