Making Digital Products Accessible

UX or User Experience is the process of designing digital products with a deep understanding of users and their abilities and needs. This short video from UX Mastery ( is an introduction to accessibility for creators of digital experiences. This video asks developers to think harder about the end user, because everyone is different. “How we move, think, hear and see can vary greatly. Don’t cut someone out just because you aren’t prepared for the way they may react to your creation. And most of all, make it easy. This is what being inclusive is about.”

The video gives some practical examples: using contrast and bigger font for people with impaired vision, and being careful to code correctly so it makes sense when a screen reader reads it aloud.  What about sound? Not everyone can hear and some will want to turn sound off, so developers should be sure to have alternative ways to convey information like captions, and transcripts. “Some can use mouse and swipe on a touchscreen. Some people use the keyboard, a head stick or eye movement. It might hurt to move. Make it easy to use your creation. Not everyone will understand things easily in the same way. Some people understand better when they hear it, more than see it.”

Finally, the narrator says, “Your language may not be their language. Write your content simple so it is clear and obvious. Plan your content to be inclusive; build it to help them be awesome. They’ll love you for it.”

To watch the video, click here.