Diversity and Inclusion Are Good For Business

Damien Hooper-Campbell is the Chief Diversity Officer of e-Bay Canada. His guest piece in the Globe and Mail Report on Business says “more and more businesses are realizing that diversity and inclusion (D & I) isn't just a nice-to-have or a moral necessity: It's a business imperative.”

For e-Bay, with employees located and working around the world, he says, “D & I is about making sure that our current and prospective employees and millions of buyers and sellers all have a fair shot at great opportunities.”

Yet, he admits, just like the vast majority of businesses, “our D & I journey will be long term and iterative.” “Who we hire and how we hire matters, so we're embedding D&I into our work force by focusing on our hiring practices and hiring decisions, the processes we undertake to evaluate potential employees and where we go to recruit them.” For example, e-Bay has moved its university recruiting team to reporting to Mr. Hooper himself. E-Bay also uses technology-driven hiring. Name-blinding résumés and facilitated, structured interviews are two examples.

“At its core, embedding D & I into our work force is about getting access to the best pools of talent out there.”

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