Inclusive Education

Think Inclusive is a website devoted to “Inclusive education advocacy, news and resources.” This article is from Elizabeth Stein, a special education teacher in the U.S. who asks, “How can we do we get more teachers to make inclusion work?” Here are her ideas:

  •  General education teachers: share your plans. Do not expect your co-teacher to just come to class and see what the lesson is about at the same time the students find out. Share your plans ahead of time, so that the special education teacher can be proactive with best practices and accommodations for strategic, meaningful learning for all of your students.
  • Special education teachers: get savvy with the content. Do your homework, while holding on to the fact that you must insert your expert knowledge in the process of learning.
  •  To all teachers: Keep an open mind, don’t take anything the other teacher does personally, and embrace the talents that each of you bring to the classroom—it’s all for the students.

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