Accessibility in the Workplace: Considerations for IT Professionals

Many workplaces are ill-equipped to provide access for individuals with both physical and mental disabilities,” says this article from, but now that technology is becoming central to almost every industry, it is easier than ever before for employers to ensure that the technologies they purchase have accessibility features that cater to all employees.

The public sector and, increasingly, the private sector are expected to follow accessibility standards when procuring new technology. Businesses should also be thinking proactively about accessibility when procuring for technology in the workplace.

  •  CIOs should review their organization’s approach to IT procurement, and whether accessibility is one of the award criteria;
  • CIOs can recommend that their organization assesses which IT or technology vendors offer compliance with current accessibility standards; and
  •  IT vendors should be able to demonstrate compliance with accessibility standards.

There are a series of national and international rules and standards, which the public sector—and, increasingly, the private sector—are expected to follow, especially when procuring for new technology. 

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