Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

“Canadian business gets diversity, but we're struggling with inclusion,” says Neil McLaughlin in the Globe and Mail Report on Business. Mr. McLaughlin is Group Head of Personal and Commercial Banking for Royal Bank of Canada.

The RBC and Institute for Canadian Citizenship partnered to study the topic. Their report Diversity and Inclusion: We’re Not Doing Enough was released in September 2017.

The study found good news and bad. Of the 64 major employers surveyed, 65 per cent strongly agree that leveraging diversity is fundamental to organizational performance, but only 10 per cent say they're taking full advantage of a diverse work force. Only 20 per cent tie diversity and inclusion results to performance objectives and only 10 per cent say they measure the effects of diversity and inclusion on innovation.

How can Canadian employers leverage the country's diversity to come up with new ways of thinking and working? Here are some ideas pulled out of conversations with organizations across the country:

  •  Get the strategy group to make diversity and inclusion their own priority.
  •  Adopt innovation metrics to see how inclusion is paying off. Make it a central part of every leadership discussion.
  • Promote a questioning culture, to engage the minds of the many, not just those who think they've got it figured out.
  • Measure, measure, measure.
  •  Compensate accordingly.

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